Sunday, March 31, 2013


Radio Romania International
Valid from 31st March to 26 Oct 2013
UTC Frequencies (kHz) Area
0000–0100 9700 11955 USA (East Coast)
0300–0400 7350 9645 USA (West Coast)
0300–0400 15340 17830 INDIA
0530–0600 9700 11875 DRM WESTERN EUROPE
0530–0600 17760 21500 AUSTRALIA
1100–1200 15210 17510 WESTERN EUROPE
1100–1200 15430 17670 SOUTH-EAST AFRICA
1700–1800 9535 11740 DRM WESTERN EUROPE
2030–2100 9800 11975 DRM WESTERN EUROPE
2030–2100 11745 13800 USA (East Coast)
2200–2300 7430 9540 WESTERN EUROPE
2200–2300 9790 11940 JAPAN
RRI’s English morning programme airing at 05.30 UTC is transmitted simultaneously to Western Europe in the DRM system on 11,875 kHz and in analogue system on 9,700 kHz.
Our English language show to Western Europe airing at 17.00 hours UTC Summer Time is transmitted simultaneously by RADIOCOM in DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) system on 9,535 kHz and in analogue system on 11,740 kHz.
RRI’s English programme airing at 20.30 UTC is transmitted simultaneously to Western Europe in DRM on 9,800 kHz and in analogue system on 11,975 kHz.

RRI’s programs can be heard on the Internet, in WMA, MP3 and AAC+ formats, at , channel 1.

If you missed some of your favorite shows, you can now listen to them whenever you want, for up to seven days after they go out on air. We are just two or three clicks away!
From Monday to Sunday you can listen to various RRI programs, in all our 12 broadcast languages/dialects. Each programme will be stored for one week and will be available to listen again to via our website,, in WMA format, approximately 2 hours after broadcast.
All you need to do is click the “Listen Again to RRI Broadcasts” button to the right-hand side of the website, select the day and then click the “LISTEN AGAIN” button next to the programme you wish to listen to.

RRI via satellite: HOTBIRD 6, vertical polarization, azimuth 13 degrees East, central frequency 11.623 MHz, FEC 3/4, SR 27.500 Msymb/s and EUTELSAT W2, vertical polarization, azimuth 16 degrees East, central frequency 11.471 MHz, FEC 3/4, SR 29.950 Msymb/s.

(Radio Romania International)

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