Sunday, March 14, 2010

DW cuts Transmission hours for HIndi & Urdu languages, drops morning broadcasts

Deutsche Welle has cut back transmission hours for Hindi & Urdu languages for the forthcoming A10 (Summer) broadcast season to be effective from 28th March 2010.

DW Hindi transmission hours has been cut by half, presently it has two 30 minutes slots at 0130 & 1500 UTC (0700 & 2030 hours IST), the 0130 UTC (0700-0730 IST) transmission will be dropped from next season.

Similarly DW Urdu had three half hour tranmission slots at 0200,1430 & 1700 UTC (0730, 2000 & 2230 IST), out of which transmissions at 0200 & 1700 UTC (0730 & 2230 IST) will be dropped for next season.

There has been cutbacks in transmission hours for Chinese & Russian languages as well & Kisuaheli broadcasts to Africa has been dropped.

According to sources DW plans to reduce/drop most of the shortwave during next one year. After clinching the FM distribution partnership at Bangladesh, DW is working on FM partnership in India.

DW Hindi/Urdu Schedule summer season (wef 28 Mar - 30 Oct 2010)

1500-1530 UTC(2030-2100 IST) on 1548,6180,9540,9655 kHz (All via Trincomale)

1430-1500 UTC(2000-2030 IST) on 1548,9655,13840 kHz (All via Trincomale), 15595 kHz(Krasnodar)

The complete shortwave summer schedule for DW is available at :,,1777509,00.html

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