Saturday, March 06, 2010

Radio Serbia celebrates 74th Anniversary

05 March 2010.
The International Radio Serbia has marked its 74th anniversary this year. This unique and only short-wave station in Serbia was founded six years before the Voice of America, on March 8, when the international program was broadcasted for the first time in then Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Today, our radio broadcasts program in 12 languages - Serbian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian and Chinese. The program of the International Radio Serbia can also be heard on the Internet site which has been in existence, as well as via satellite. On the occasion of our anniversary, the celebration was organized, attended by many people from the Serbian political and cultural life, and also representatives of the diplomatic offices in Belgrade. The broadcasts of the program to abroad started on March 8, 1936 in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and the direct reason for the establishing of the short-wave radio station was the need to oppose the fascist propaganda. Over the past 74 years, our house had a turbulent history, and it included several name changes - from Free Yugoslavia, through Radio Yugoslavia, Radio Serbia and Montenegro, to current International Radio Serbia.

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