Thursday, March 04, 2010

DRM Tests in Brazil

Tests with DRM (MW and SW) and DRM + (VHF-FM) in Brazil are extraordinary

1st March 2010
"Extraordinary" I who am saying, but according to information obtained by telephone Flávio Ferreira Lima from the Ministry of Communications and coordinator of the engineering team to manage the tests with both DRM systems in Brazil, both the DRM in the range OM as DRM + the FM band are showing amazing results, above our expectations.

The fact is that the situation of digital radio trials in Brazil has a 180 degrees this year. Since the beginning of 2010 the DRM is doing tests on Short Wave, Medium Wave and also on VHF (FM) and never had in our country. The tests will continue throughout the month of March. I think these tests in Brazil are currently the most complete tests with existing DRM system in the world.

OM in the range have been tested, and OM IBOC Simulcast with Radio Cultura AM 1200 kHz and 1210 kHz in DRM in Sao Paulo - Fundação Padre Anchieta. NOTE: In the same radio as there were tests HDRadio. On January 14, 2010 I was personally in Sao Paulo and I had the honor of being together and with the team of engineers in the acceptance tests in the Greater Sao Paulo. I live over 800 km from Sao Paulo but I have had the opportunity to decode the audio signal of Culture in both DRM 1210 kHz in Simulcast but also in 1200 kHz digital only.

In the VHF range, tests are being made in the region of Belo Horizonte on 104.5 MHz FM with 1500 watts and 104.4 MHz with DRM + 70Watts. Flávio said that even with this low power level digital signal, the signal is excellent within a radius of 40 km which is much higher than was estimated a radius of only 16 Km I found this amazing result, fantastic.

By testing the DRM is doing away with some myths that exist here and proved that:
1) works in Simulcast and IBOC;
2) that has full system for Medium Wave, Short Wave and also for VHF (FM);
3) they are doing tests for at least 2 months in Brazil;
4) that the DRM and DRM + is an excellent strength and that meet the needs of coverage of television partners;
5) that has a group of experts able to develop specific solutions for Brazil;

The tests will continue in March with DRM and IBOC Simulcast on the Medium Wave Radio CBN 780 kHz and DRM + on Radio Cultura FM 103.3 Mhz both in Sao Paulo.

Congratulations to all the people who are involved in the tests with the DRM and to choose the best standard for digital radio in Brazil.

São José-SC, 01 March 2010.

Ataliba Zandomênego Filho
Graduating in Electrical Engineering Telematics
Amateur: PP5AZF Range and the Citizen: PX5B8091

(Via drmrx forum)

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