Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"The Disco Palace" broadcasts in DRM

Miami, February 10th, 2010: "The Disco Palace", a chic stylish radio station has started broadcasting the best of disco music of all times to listeners across Europe and North America using Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). Get enchanted by the magic of the disco beat in pure digital quality via DRM on shortwave and enjoy the most complete compilation of disco music.

"The Disco Palace" is based in the nice city of Miami, USA; where the warm sun, great beaches and the night life atmosphere highlights the perfect-exquisite blend. Disco music emphasizes a way to feel and live; it contributes harmony to the heart and gives to the spirit the sensation to be in balance. From now on you can tune your radio to "The Disco Palace" and simply "Feel the music".

About The Disco Palace"The Disco Palace", based in Miami and owned by Alyx & Yeyi, LLC, is the first and only disco music radio station broadcasting in DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) on shortwave in stereo to Europe and North America. "The Disco Palace" has a strong digital technology infrastructure that allows to be listened worldwide with the highest quality of sound, plus a carefully selection of disco hits of all times. Our listeners can find a program schedule which includes hits in the USA, hits in the UK, great hits of the 1970's, great hits of 1980's, slow disco hits, etc; you will be delighted with the versatile ways of exploring disco music in all its varieties. Look for the times and frequencies on our website at

About TDPTDP is the technical service provider of "The Disco Palace" for the shortwave radio broadcasts in digital format. TDP offers a flexible and end-to-end solution for radio stations and program producers targeting a specific coverage area or a particular audience. Besides the airtime service, TDP also sells shortwave broadcast transmitters, antennas and studio equipment. For more info, visit

About DRMDigital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is the global open digital broadcasting system for broadcasting bands upto 174 MHz (covering LW, SW, MW and bands I/II). DRM30, used for long distance broadcasting and the well established part of the standard, offers near-FM sound quality plus the ease-of-use that comes from digital transmissions, combined with low power consumption. DRM+ operates in higher frequencies between 30 and 174 MHz and uses the same audio coding, data services, multiplexing and signaling schemes as DRM30 and also offers CD-quality audio and surround sound.
(Press Release, February 10th, 2010 via Ludo Maes)

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