Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digital Radio: Media Broadcast initiates process for nationwide broadcasting network in Germany

Programme providers are invited to apply to the State Media Authorities for the allocation of capacity in the planned nationwide Digital Radio Multiplex until 12. March 2010. The MEDIA BROADCAST website is now offering a downloadable brochure containing information about the expansion of the network and the predicted distribution costs. It includes the propagation forecast figures relating to the distribution costs, in order to enable applicants to formulate a business plan.
Hence, MEDIA BROADCAST is making an important contribution to the advancement of the digitalisation of terrestrial radio broadcasting in Germany. The brochure also contains information about the terms and conditions linked to the market launch.
Nationwide digital radio across Germany represents a great opportunity for existing broadcasters and new content providers alike. At the same time, digital radio transmission opens up the way for features that have previously been the preserve of internet distribution. With no complex installation required, the new digital radio can be switched on as normal and will then use common-frequency broadcasting technology to give unparalleled reception quality, both at home and on the move.
The device market for digital radio has been developing well over the last few years, hence, when the nationwide radio network will be launched, a wide selection of receivers will be available in various price brackets. Furthermore, the digital radio network will enable the transmission of comprehensive traffic information and open up the market for navigational devices with integrated visual and graphic display functions.
In the first year alone some 35 broadcasters will be operating within the new network - and with potentially 38 million listeners this will be an extremely cost-effective and efficient market entry option.
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