Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New DRM testing in Brazil

New DRM testing in Brazil will begin soon. At this time the "Empresa Brasil de Comunicação - EBC" is testing a 4 kW AM transmitter in 6000 khz, from Brasilia - Distrito Federal. This same transmitter will be used in tests with DRM30 digital radio in Brazil

More details:
Monday to Friday
Transmitter with 4kw power - LEMSA solid
Time of 9:30h to 15:30h (Brasília - 2h UTC) or 11:30h to 17:30h (UTC)
Freq: 6.0Mhz
Mode: AM - PDM
Azimuth of 244 degrees of Brasilia
The information can be sent simultaneously to the following emails:
Noe Cesar Santana - noe.cesar@ebc.com.br
Ismar Valley (coordinator transmitters) - ismar.vale@ebc.com.br
Plataforma Brasileira do Digital Radio Mondiale

Amostras de áudio de algumas rádios DRM:

Youtube channel:


Good news, EBC (the Brazilian public broadcaster) detailed their plans for the
SW trial.
They'll use a Continental Lensa tx at power levels of 4kW, 1kW and 250W with the
antenna at Brasilia beamed to Amazonia (beamed to the north).
They made reception prediction using Voacap and the expected coverage with be
the centre and part of the north of Brazil at 4kW.
They'll start testing the tx in AM mode in a few days at 6000kHz.
Also, as soon as possible, they'll change the tx crystal to 5990kHz (EBC's Radio
Senado frequency) and install the DRM30 exciter.
; )
Best regards,
Rafael Diniz

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