Friday, February 21, 2014

DSWCI AGM - 2014

The Danish SW Clubs International Board has decided, that the next Annual General Meeting will be held in my home at Udbyvej 11, DK 2740 Skovlunde, west of Copenhagen, on Saturday June 14, 2014, from 1400 till about 1700 local
time. Every DSWCI-member is welcome !

There is a cheap, new hotel only 3 kms west of my home. Please check its website with information in Danish and English at

You can get the cheapest rooms when booking early and paying online. It is also an excellent basis for your sightseeing in Copenhagen and North Zealand on other days.

After the AGM there will be a joint dinner on a local restaurant at your own expenses.

Please inform me before the end of May, if you will attend this AGM. If you also plan to join our dinner, please tell me with how many persons. My e-mail address is

(Anker Petersen, DSWCI)

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