Friday, August 10, 2012

Newstar announces firmware update for its DRM receiver DR111

Newstar has announced latest firmware update for the DR111 DRM receiver. Beginning August, 2012 Newstar will begin shipping DR111 receivers with the new firmware. Older receivers can be upgraded to the new firmware version.

What’s New?

The new version v790 supports the following added features:
DRM recording and playback.
DRM reception logging.
DRM expert mode.

For the firmware update and release notes please check out the DR111 support and download page.

If you experience any issues with this firmware, please report them to

(Haochun LIU, CEO, Chengdu NewStar Electronics)

Firmware Upgrade Version 790
Resolved Issues:
*[NEW] DRM logging support
*[NEW] Add DRM recording and playback feature
*[NEW] Add DRM expert mode
*[IMPROVED] Improved volume control method
*[IMPROVED] Output noise when receive very low AM signal, no muting
*[IMPROVED] SD card hot-plug operations
*[IMPROVED] Improved AGC tracking algorithm due to the fading channel and reduced the audio pumping effect
*[IMPROVED] Improve AM THD with high modulation level [60%]
*[IMPROVED] AM instant tunning, no muting
*[IMPROVED] New music file format supported [wav, flac]
*[IMPROVED] Play music folder and file in alpha-numeric order
*[IMPROVED] Auto scan the music folder, no need to do it manually
*[IMPROVED] Display filename in audio playback
*[IMPROVED] Manual tuning speed
*[BUG] Fix bug in RDS message display
*[BUG] Bug in music play, DRM expert info display
*[BUG] Other minor

DR111 Screenshots .....

Expert Mode

Log plot of BBC English 5845 kHz on 9th Aug 2012 using DR111 DRM receiver

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