Sunday, June 24, 2012

Radio Netherlands in english ceases transmission on 29th June, 2012

Radio Netherlands additional frequencies for last day, these are additional to regular frequencies :

Extra Shortwave frequencies on 29 June 2012
- 01:59-02:57 UTC - North America (East) - 6165 kHz - Bonaire
- 02:59-03:57 UTC - North America (Central) - 6165 kHz - Bonaire
- 04:59-05:57 UTC - North America (West) - 6165 kHz - Bonaire
- 04:59-05:57 UTC - NZ + Australia (South East) - 12015 kHz - Bonaire
- 18:59-20:57 UTC - Europe - 6065 kHz - Wertachtal

Every shortwave slot and WRN relay will broadcast Last Show, enabling as many people can listen in.
During the satellite-only hours in between the shortwave and World Radio Network hours RNW will rebroadcast documentaries and other programmes from RNW's historical archives.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide in English will cease transmissions on 29 June at 20:57 UTC.

For those listeners who enjoy picking up shortwave broadcasts and sending in a reception report, this is your last chance to dispatch your SINPO to our 222, 1200 JG Hilversum, The Netherlands, or (subject: 29 June Reception report).

RNW will return the favour by sending you a special QSL card commemorating the closing of RNW's English service!

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