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RRI Contest: Targu Mures in History and In Our Times

Dear friends of Radio Romania International, you are invited once again to take part in a competition called "Targu Mures in History and In Our Times", with some exciting prizes on offer. The competition is dedicated to a very interesting area in the center of Romania, Mures County, and especially to its main city, Targu Mures.
Situated in the middle of the Transylvanian highlands, the county covers the Caliman Mountains (over 2,000 meters high), the Gurghiu Mountains, to the Tarnave Highland and the Transylvanian Plain. The Mures River basin and its tributaries cover the county's entire watershed. Targu Mures is not the only attraction, however. Sighisoara in particular stands out with its exceptional medieval fortress, which is still inhabited, as well as Reghin, which has been a major center for musical instrument making for centuries.
Targu Mures is notable as an important medical center, with its extraordinary achievements in cardiovascular medicine and urology. It is also a center of culture, with its libraries, museums, theaters, and with its special musical institutions. It is home to the National Theater of Targu Mures, the State Philharmonic of Targu Mures, as well as the 'Teleki-Bolyai' County Library, boasting one of the richest old book collections in Transylvania and the County Museum, with its many sections.
Targu Mures is a scholarly city, and has been famous as such since the Middle Ages, with its many schools and universities. In addition, it boasts many architecturally important buildings, such as the Administration Palace and the Palace of Culture, both in Secession style, the Orthodox Cathedral, the Flower Park, and the Targu Mures Zoo, to name just a few of the attractions in the city.
You are invited to follow our broadcasts, our website and our profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr for this contest and answer a number of questions in writing. The contest closes on March 15th 2012, which is the mailing date for your answers.
Our two Grand Prizes are two trips for one, for seven nights, with full board at the Targu Mures City Hall Guesthouse, in the 'Muresul' Sports and Entertainment Complex.
Radio Romania International's partners in this contest are the Targu Mures City Hall, the Mures Association of Fine Artists, and Mures City Council. As usual, you'll need to arrange your own transport to Romania and obtain a travel visa, if necessary. For listeners who don't win the Grand Prize, there are other prizes and honorable mentions on offer, including a number of gifts relating to Targu Mures and Mures County, provided by our partners and sponsors.
The county has numerous historical and architectural attractions, buildings dating back to the 14th to 18th centuries, bearing the influence of various European styles. The attractions include the Saschiz fortified medieval church, the medieval fortifications of Sighisoara (from the 14th century) and of Targu Mures (from the 17th century), and the Iernut fortified castle.
We should also mention the spa resort of Sovata, which dates back at least a century. There's plenty for nature lovers too, since the county boasts a number of beautiful nature reserves where rare species of plants can be found, such as Zau de Campie with its steppe peony, Poiana Narciselor, the ancient forest of Mociar, and the Gurghiu Tree Park.

Now here are the questions:

1. What is the name of the most important mountain chain in Mures county?

2. Please tell us at least 3 cultural or tourist attractions in Targu Mures.

3. What is the name of the city in Mures County whose medieval center is a UNESCO cultural heritage site?

4. When was the Targu Mures Palace of Culture built?

Please fill in the competition form on our website,, or mail, fax or e-mail your answers. Please also make sure to mention what motivated you to take part in the contest, and, if you wish, mention what sources of information you used other than our broadcasts, the RRI website and our social network profiles (Facebook / Twitter).
Our address is: 60-64, G-ral Berthelot street, sector 1, Bucharest, PO BOX 111, zip code 010165, Fax:, E-mail: engl at rri dot ro

We are eagerly waiting for your answers by March 15, 2012, mailing date. The winners will be announced right after April 1, 2012, allowing them time to prepare for the journey. Good luck!

(Source : Radio Romania International)

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