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Mr.Suri, VU2MY, Chairman NIAR selected for "Amateur of the Year" Award - Awards Committee of Dayton Hamvention 2012

Hamvention® 2012 Awards Committee chooses 2012 winners

The Hamvention Awards Committee is announcing the winners for 2012. Mr. S.Suri, VU2MY has been selected as the amateur of the year, with Joel Hallas, W1ZR winning the technical achievement award and Steven Betza, WZ2V receiving the special achievement award. The Deutscher Amateur Radio Club was chosen for the Club of the Year Award.

Mr. Suri, can be described as the H.P. Maxim of India. He is well recognized throughout the vast country of India. Mr. Suri was instrumental in establishing the art and science of amateur radio as well as leading his country's effort to establish the National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR). Staying with his avocation, Mr. Suri has lead search and rescue and recovery efforts in many natural emergency events throughout India and elsewhere. It gives us great pleasure in presenting Mr. Suri with the 2012 Hamvention Amateur of the Year Award.

Winning the Technical Achievement Award is Joel Hallas. Joel is better known for his monthly QST column titled "The Doctor Is In". This lively column answers many of the basic and not-so-basic technical questions of ham radio.
Joel answers these questions in a easy to read format that has a low "intimidation factor". Many amateurs worldwide appreciate his help. He is the author of Basic Radio, Basic Antennas, The ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners, Care and Feeding of Transmission Lines and Understanding and Using Your Antenna Analyzer. Joel has garnered many technical awards and remains one of
the top technical authors in our avocation.

Steven Betza wins the Special Achievement Award for 2012. Steven enjoys teaching a wide range of students through live experiments and missions.
Through a project called "Blue Horizon", he caused the licensing of 38 new hams, set the world record for the highest amateur balloon vehicle (125,000 feet AGL), and demonstrated many technical feats relating to the flight.
Steve has contributed in a major way to college and high school education programs in electronics engineering.

The Annual Club Award goes to Deutsche Amateur Radio Club (DARC). DARC has organized the country of Germany into one unified national radio organization. It can be compared to the ARRL in the United States. It provides educational and technical support for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners. Prior to formal regulations in Germany, DARC provided guidance in terms of frequency and power. DARC plays a major role in training and licensing and is well respected throughout the European Union (EU).
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Frank Beafore/WS8B David Crawford/KF4KWW
Awards Chair Awards Co-Chair
Release Date: 6 March 2012

(Via NIAR List)

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