Thursday, November 10, 2011

TWR Extends Outreach to Asia

Guam Transmitter Upgrade Features Live On-Air Dedication on Nov. 18

CARY, NC, November 10, 2011-Striving to extend its strategic outreach in Asia, international Christian media organization TWR has upgraded its powerful shortwave transmission station on the island of Guam. The advancement gives TWR the ability to cover much of the spiritually needy region, including China and southeast Asia, with a robust, quality signal.
To celebrate this significant initiative, TWR President Lauren Libby and other ministry staff members will present an on-air dedication during a live broadcast Friday, November 18 from 8:30-9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The 30-minute broadcast will begin at 1330 UTC on a shortwave frequency of 15.4 megahertz in the 19 meter band.
"This upgrade gives TWR the opportunity to touch even more lives with the good news of Jesus Christ," says TWR President Lauren Libby. "We thank God for the privilege of increasing our spiritual footprint in Asia."
Two 250,000-watt, digital-capable Thomson transmitters have been installed to provide increased coverage to the Asia region. These revitalized transmitters join three existing 100,000-watt units. Digital shortwave capability will enable TWR to reach both rural areas and large cities with a strong, FM-like quality signal. TWR is now well-positioned to reach listeners across Asia into the future, and reception is excellent anywhere - from cities to dense forests.
Special guests for the dedication broadcast include Dr. Alan Cureton, president of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minn.; Collin Lambert, vice president of Moody Radio in Chicago, Ill.; and Mike Tirone, general manager and senior vice president of KCBI-FM in Dallas, Texas. These three organizations, plus thousands of individuals around the globe, helped with the purchase and installation of the transmitters.
"As Moody Radio continues to expand its global focus, TWR is one of the leading organizations that we are pleased to partner with," says Lambert.
"Our joint efforts tied to the [upgraded] transmitter in Guam have not only broadened our participation in spreading the gospel throughout the world, but also allowed us to inform and mobilize our listeners in the process.
In addition to a live stream over, the dedication broadcast will be carried on KTIS-AM, Moody Radio and KCBI and its sister stations.

(TWR News Release)

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