Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ESAT Radio jammed

While tuning in to ESAT Radio on 14th Nov (Monday) at 1659 UTC on 15370 kHz found that the channel was empty, scanning the adjacant channels found a weak station on 15390, searching this frequency on web, came accross this announcement on ESAT Radio website that they are now operating on two different frequencies 15370 & 15390 kHz........

At 1715 UTC when I re-checked 15390 kHz only white noise was audible. This noise sounds similar to the DRM hash.
TDP schedule still listes them on 15370 daily ....

On wednesday, 15th Nov 2011, jammer was noted on 15370 at 1700 UTC sign on & 1801 sign off. On 16th Nov ESAT Radio signed on at 1659 UTC & jammer again came up at 1700 UTC on 15390 kHz.
Here's how the jammer sounds ...

This audio file was recorded on 16th Nov 2011, at 1659 ESAT Radio signs on, a minute later at 1700 UTC jammer came on the frequency ( at 00.23 secs in the audio file)

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