Thursday, September 30, 2010

BBG Chairman Isaacson Outlines Vision for International Broadcasting

Washington, DC, 09/29/2010
Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Chairman Walter Isaacson laid out his vision for the future of U.S. international broadcasting in a keynote address as part of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty?s 60th Anniversary event on Sept. 28.
"Our traditional role of delivering the news top down needs to be complemented by a new approach that catalyzes social networks," said Isaacson. "By creating peer-to-peer global communities, we help guarantee the universal human right of access to the free flow of information."
Acknowledging the newly-appointed Board's launch of a year-long comprehensive review, Isaacson described the creation of "a great virtual global news service" that would provide reliable reporting for every medium, including social media created by members of BBG broadcasters' global audience.
As he outlined his imperatives for engaging citizens with limited access to news and information, Isaacson repeatedly stressed the importance of credibility in news broadcasting, noting that "trustworthy journalism" would pay dividends for U.S. foreign policy objectives.

(BBG Press Release)

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