Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBC Bangla time mix up continues

BBC Bangla continues to mix up the time announcemnt at the start of their 0030-0100 UTC transmission. Only on the Eid day ( Saturday 11th September 2010) did it announce correctly along with Eid greetings. Otherwise a mixed up recorded message continues. At 0030 UTC it gives the GMT wrong as " 11.30 GMT " whereas it should be 12.30 GMT. Indian time is mentioned as 5.00 am. Even this morning 14th September they were continuing with this bungle. Knowing the ways of BBC Bangla, this faux pas will probably continue till December 2010.The website announcement only gives the Bangladesh local time and mentions 6.30 am.

(Dr.Supratik Sanatani via bangladx yg)

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