Thursday, August 05, 2010

BBC World Service's South Asian feed (Hindi, Urdu, English etc)

Enjoy BBC World Service's South Asian feed which includes Hindi and Urdu too on your mobile and on your computer (without visiting BBCHindi website.)

1. On your mobile phone
(First check if you are on some kind of unlimited internet access tariff. It can work on other mobiles too if they got Internet Radio application.)-

- Download Nokia application for Internet Radio.(Go to Nokia's Ovi store to download this application.)

- Open the application on your phone and manually feed this URL thorugh Options tab-

- It would be saved in your Favourite Stations list. Click and listen.

2. On your computer
(Works with RealPlayer, VLC Player and iTunes. Not supported by Windows Media Player.)

- Open Real Player (I have checked it on VLC and iTunes too.)

- Go to File and then Open Location

- Place this link in the box ther-

- Click Open and Enjoy.

- Make it a desktop Shortcut so that you can listen the feed (most of the times in English) at anytime without going to the website.

3. Since it's live feed, you need to know Hindi timings.

BBC Hindi Broadcast in India- 6.30am, 8.00am, 7.30pm and 10.30pm

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