Monday, August 02, 2010

RTI celebrates 82nd anniversary

Radio Taiwan International (RTI) celebrated its 82nd birthday on Monday. Premier Wu Den-yih spoke at a celebration to mark the anniversary. "RTI is already 82 years old," said Wu. "[The station] is not showing its age, but rather brimming with vitality. The major reason is that it has kept with the times, in the process becoming timeless."
Wu also said that RTI serves as an important pathway to expose Chinese listeners to Taiwan's democracy.
A letter from President Ma Ying-jeou was also read during the ceremony. Ma praised the station for the service it performs by broadcasting Taiwan's vibrant democracy for the world to hear. He also said he hopes [the station] can go on increasing Taiwan's global visibility.
On Monday, RTI also launched a multimedia platform. The platform includes three parts: Media Asset Management (MAM), an audiovisual network and a broadcast scheduling system.

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