Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AIR Leh 4760 back on air ?

AIR Leh 4760 kHz noted on air during check at 0230 UTC on 10th Aug, Hindi news at 0230 followed by eng news relayed from Delhi. At 0310 UTC "Radio Kashmir" id followed by Ladakhi song. 0319 commentary in Urdu, 0350 Hindi movie songs, 0359 off air. Weaker than before, at
times barely audible.

AIR Leh 4760 kHz 10th Aug 1630 UTC Panel discussion upto 1628 UTC, followed by instrumental music, at 1635 report on CWG, interview with PT Usha, signed off at 1700.

AIR Leh 4760 kHz 11th Aug 0224 UTC Signed on with Vande Mataram foll by instrumental music, 0230 Samachar Prabhat with Vimlendu Pandey, 0244 Eng News Gaura Lal, 0300 Ladakhi songs, 0319 Discussion followed by local news, 0335 ID Radio Kashmir by YL , anncts in local dialect, 0340 Hindi movie songs.....first one was from movie Aandhi, 0359 off air.

(All times in UTC)

Alokesh Gupta

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