Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sporadic Logs

Had an amazing session of FM DXing during Sporadic E opening on 5th June during a short visit to QTH of fellow dxer C.K.Raman, VU3DJQ are some of logs using his Sangean ATS909 receiver & telescopic antenna ....
5th June 2010 (Sat) 1140-1240 UTC

88.8 Spurious Devotional Talk by OM
89.0 Radio Oman Location ? (Al Saidi/Qurum/Heibi) ME Music (Approx 1900 kms)
89.2 Radio Oman (Saiq Jabal/Akhdar ?) Arabic Reading from Holy Quran OM (Approx 1900 kms)
89.7 Spurious or image ? Hindi Song
90.1 Unid Arabic Talk
90.4 Radio Oman English (Muscat /Salalah 9 kW) English Songs (1939 kms)
91.7 Radio Al'Shabab Oman, Al Batina RDS Oman SH B ( 1920 kms)
91.9 Radio Mango Kerala(Kannur/Kochi/Kozhikode/Thrissur ?) 5 kW Malayalam Talk (Approx 2000 kms)
91.9 Radio Indigo Bangalore English/Kannada RJ Talking about Bannerghatta National Park (1742 Kms)
92.4 Unid Punjabi Song
103.1 AIR Chandigarh Hindi movie songs (239 kms)
107.2 AIR FM Rainbow Kasauli HP 10 kW Hindi Songs (325 kms)

And here are couple of ATS 909 RDS screenshots ...

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  1. Hi Alokesh!

    This one is a very informative post, like always.

    One thing I would like to know is, whether the transmission a regular analogue one or not? If so, how is that text "OMAN ENG" seen? Is it automatically coming as soon as you tune it correctly, or you had to set it manually?

    Another thing I would like to know, the distance for Radio Mango is showing 2000 Km, more than Radio Oman! Where is that station being broadcast from? Seems like catching Radio Mango was more sproadic than catching Radio Oman. What do you think ?