Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Radio Tashkent on 87.9 FM

With the FM DX season in full swing logged Radio Tashkent 87.9 in Tashkent on 30th May 2010 0245-0400 UTC with Russian morning program, promo "every morning on 87.9 FM". This is the radio channel for minorities in different languages. In Russian and later in Uzbek. Thanks for Russian FM dxer Victor Rutkovsky for id'ing the languages. Listed in fmscan.org but missing in WRTH 2010.
Distance : 1588 kms (north west 335 deg from Delhi)
Power Output 4 kW
Here's data on the stn from fmscan.org
MHz 87.9v
pCty UZB
program Kanali Toshkent
transmitter Toshkent (Tower)
Pdir Pmax 4 kW
Dist 1588km
azi 335°
dBµV -49fm
Audio Files :
87.9 0345 UTC 30 May 2010 Ujbek
87.9 0246 UTC 30 May 2010 Russian

(Map courtesy fmscan.org/google)

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