Thursday, August 09, 2007

Radio Stations in UAE

Mohammed Oovais from Abu Dhabi,UAE sent this interesting
bit of info on local radio stations in UAE .........

Asianet Radio is transmitting from Abu Dhabi.Studio located
in Duabi (Dubai Media City). Now they are changing the
frequency for upgrading 648 AM . New frequency is 1539 KHz
and its only 5 am to 6 pm (UAE time) . They promised that
old frequency wil come back soon with more power and quality.

Apart from Asianet Radio , there is another south Indian
station(main lang: malayalam) RADIO ASIA broadcasts on
1557 Khz . They also announced chage in frequency
permanently to 1239 Khz.Radio Asia also braodcasting in
FM 94.7Mhz.

And other Indian/Asian FM's :

Radio 4 - 89.1 Hindi (From Ajman - reaching Abu Dhabi in
good quality)

City - 101.6 Hindi/urdu From Dubai (almost clear but some
times not rtacching ABu dhabi)

Hum FM 106.2 Hindi /Urdu (From Um Al Quwain this also same
like city) - airs cricket live some times

95.3 FM ( Test with oldies) Hindi - (clear reception in Abu

96.7 Hit FM .This is another Malayalam FM .(most of the times
good reception in Abu dhabi )

104.4 Awaaz FM is not at all received in Abu Dhabi

All of above FM transmitters are located in Dubai and Northern
emirates hence some times its not possible to listen in my poor
chinese receiver in Abu Dhabi (Located south). Car receivers are
better in catching signals.Inside apartments its difficult because
almost all buildings are 18 Floor high rise, hence it may cause

Thank u and good dxing

73's bye....

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