Thursday, August 02, 2007

Asianet Radio 648 AM from UAE

Asianet Radio 648 AM from UAE is well heard now a days in Northern India.The station provides programming in various formats - radio magazine, interviews, discussions, interactions, music etc.
Asianet Radio gives the highest priority to news & news based information and current affairs programmes that consist of analytical and investigative reporting. Music has always been an important part of the stations programming and it provides a blend of all kinds of Malayalam music.
An audio clip of Asianet Radio 648 AM can be heard at :

* Logo courtesy Asianet website.


  1. y day in one program (in noon time) RJ smitha was expalining one of her experience about the kids' bad habits becaue of the carelessness of parents or family members. I noticed that which she expalined that is not her experience she quatoed the exact words which Mrs. Devi's artcle published in Manorama under the heading 'kadayillaymakal'. If you people wants to say like these thinks please quot the author's name. this is very shame, and dont think all listeners are stupids. few days before, in news section news reader repeated michael jacksons name as micheal 'Johnson' 3 times. Why the hell r u keeping like these people who dont have commonsense or basic knowledge.

  2. could you please avoid more english words from your programmes?..

    because Asianet Rdio is malayalam radio.

    90% listeners are malayalees.

    please do this IF you CAN

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Mr.Ranjith's openion is 100% correct,because I also noticed several times ur RJs r copying frm Manorama online and just "pasting" thru GCC's 'ONLY' total coverage radio.It'sReally pity.Dont U've any Quality control.I think any one can be a RJ here because the voice of RJs r really sympathetical except Mr.wilson.we expect in future U'll improve ur quality.May God help You

    Thomas Alex Sohar

  4. rajeev kodempally's programme is super.his music selection is very good.suprabhatham background music is very interesting.It is nostalgic.After he came we heard some devotional songs and festi songs like hrudayanjali.

  5. hello good morning
    asianet radio crew ur cheated in gul malayalee yesterday night ur arraged big prgm bcse ur md mr madhavan take a big shame on their mr kozhoor vilson pls read this matterf tommarrow your news focus every day your moking anoter all of news paper pls self experiment at tommarrow mornig
    ismaeel anjillath

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    RJ Smitha needs to tone down her voice a bit. She feels that her english is impeccable and is doing a favour to the listeners by speaking in malayalam. Better she learns proper malayalam diction from both Rashmi's!!!!

    What happened to Reji Mannel, another big head, who feels that he is the GM of some mallu firm in Dubai. Have some respect for the listeners, they call Asianet, not to get pesterd by you, Mr. Mannel.Pls bear that. If he has left Asianet, good for Asianet...

  7. Hi,Rajeev.

    I am fan of you and rajeev cherai from Radio asia. Anyway Now yyou are with Asianet. I must appreciate you and Rashmi.Suprabhatham is Superb. You both have a good chemistry. Also your hit mix is really good and the song selctions are superb. Forget about the issues like pakistani song issue and job issues.THAINTAVIDE NASEER IS NOT THE ACTUAL TERRORIST THEES TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ISSUES (JOB,AND SONG)are the real terrorists.Rashmi ranjan must stop asking "Alle? Alle?. (It shows you are not confident).Wilson when you read the news you are not supposed to put your opinion which may not acceptable for others.your duty is to read the news.
    I am Ashok. From Bahrain. Asianet is clear till 5PM after that ......
    We always with you as Our FM.104 is almost boring...Ofcourse its good from 11pm to 7am as no...... from RJs in nite.


  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

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  9. anil idukki12:27 AM

    smitha pls say english word clearly.ur pronunciation very & rashmi ranjan ur comady is very low level.i think mr.ramesh paiyanoor not able to controll the koya sir where r u

  10. Anonymous12:30 AM

    mr ramesh paiyyanoor pls listern other radio station and set ur teem

  11. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Mr. Rajiv kodampilly, your programme is superb.You speak so casual, polite and friendly.Please keep it up.
    Asianet radio commercials...Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..horrible and irritating. Rotten quality as well...especially that one who speak louder like a politician to promote some low quality flashlite...please do something else...and recently started Nirapara promo..really horrible and irritating.

  12. Anonymous1:27 PM

    hi ramesh
    how r u?that suchith's news reading is not at all good.u know that balakrishnan periya worked here in UAQ radio?his brother also have same like voice .once i heard his voice from RAKEA ,he was anhoring the programe....the roaring voice he has...I think he is working at scholars Indian School RAK as malayalam teacher..bring him to your team ..and make a good team.
    Best regards

  13. Narayana Pillai3:49 PM

    Why your news readers hold their muscle while reading news. Why don't they read it in the natural way. To be frank, it is very irritating to listen to their artificial way of presentation. They are definitely lacking news presentation skills and need some training in this regard.