Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Religious Shortwave Broadcaster from Illinois to use DRM

The FCC accepted for filing on May 27 an application from Parable Broadcasting, LLC, a company based in Norfolk, Virginia, to build an international shortwave broadcasting station in Batavia, Illinois, specifically, "to serve areas of Europe that may be authorized by the Commission. 

The planned broadcast content includes religious and educational programming as well as data content provided by third parties. The applicant is positioning the proposed station to take advantage of the recent push by the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters to develop and provide content for the growing DRM [Digital Radio Mondiale] market."

According to the filing, the station will use two 15 kW transmitters from Amplifier Systems, Inc. and utilize a two-section log-periodic antenna of 18.0 dBi gain, mounted 184 feet above ground. The transmission line, made by Comscope, will be 5-inch diameter 50-ohm coaxial cable 550 feet long. The document states that the station will broadcast only in DRM mode. The filing indicates the station will "operate between 5.9-15.8 MHz international shortwave bands coordinated with the FCC and HFCC [High Frequency  coordinating Committee]."

According to drawings submitted by the engineering firm, the log-periodic antennas will be a wire configuration supported by two towers that will allow, a small area of land that replaces a rhombic antenna twice the size and achieves a low take-off angle while operating on a wide frequency bandwidth (4-30 MHz), achieving over 18 dBi power gain.

Parable Broadcasting Company's HF application submitted to FCC can be forund here :

(Source : The Spectrum Monitor, July 2020 )

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