Saturday, June 06, 2020

New firmware update R3.0.7 for Airspy HF+ Dual Port and Discovery

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce a new firmware release for the Airspy HF+ series: 3.0.7
This release improves the streaming performance along with the addition of extra sample rates: 912 and 456 ksps. It can be applied to the HF+ Dual, HF+ Discovery BB and CD.

You can get the update package from the product page of your device under the section "Firmware Updates":

The change log can be found, as usual at:


The Airspy Team

Notes :

1) You MUST connect the unit DIRECTLY to the PC. Not via a hub.  
2) Always check your current firmware before upgrading. 
3) Check your firmware version, if it ends in -BB, you need to use BB firmware. If it ends in -CD, use CD firmware.  
4) All HF+ Dual Port units are the BB version.

Installation procedure :


1. Windows 10 or Windows 7

Standard Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

1. Connect the unit to the PC
2. Double click on flash.bat
3. Disconnect the device from the PC
4. Connect the device again
5. Done

Recovery Procedure:

Due to a bug in the first firmware, this procedure must be used for the first firmware upgrade.
Subsequent updates should work with the standard procedure above.

1. Open the HF+ enclosure
2. Connect the device to the PC
3. Short the Erase pins for one second (see the photo)
4. Disconnect the device from the PC
5. Connect the device again
6. Double click on flash.bat
7. Wait until it flashes and verifies the data
8. Disconnect the device from the PC
9. Connect the device again
10. Done

(via airspy list)

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