Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Texas Radio Shortwave to test new shortwave frequency on May 16, 2020

GULF OF MEXICO, May 9, 2020 — Texas Radio Shortwave, an American free radio station, today announced three test broadcasts on May 16, 2020. The broadcasts will determine listenership and propagation feasibility on a newly activated frequency in the 75-meter shortwave broadcast band.
Channel 292 in Germany will transmit the hour-long broadcasts — at 0300 UTC, 1800 UTC, and 2100 UTC — on 3955 kHz with a transmitter power of 4 kW.

Texas Radio Shortwave will send a limited-edition commemorative electronic verification for correct, detailed reception reports. Reports should be sent to

Reception reports must contain times, song titles, the text of announcements, a SINPO/SIO signal rating, information on receiver and antenna, and comments on the program content. Listeners using remote software-defined receivers (SDRs) should mention that. Texas Radio Shortwave would like to receive audio clips of the broadcast along with detailed reports.

3955 kHz is part of the 75-meter amateur band in IARU Region 2 (consisting mostly of North and South America).
During May, propagation predictions for 0300 UTC show the strongest signal into the Eastern US and Canada, the Northern half of Africa, all of Europe, and portions of Eastern Asia. At 1800 UTC, the prediction is for the strongest signal in Europe and the Northern third of Africa. Strongest signal coverage for the 2100 UTC broadcast is predicted to be like 0300 UTC excluding North America. Listenable signals may be possible in other areas of the world.

Texas Radio Shortwave is located on a ship anchored in the Gulf of Mexico off the South Texas coast. Its programs are broadcast in North America and Europe.

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