Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New Web site devoted to AM/FM DX launched

Longtime DXer and Monitoring Times writer, Loyd Van Horn, launches DX Central

With FM DX season now upon us, longtime DXer and Monitoring Times writer, Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH), announces the launch of his new Web site, DX Central( The site, which specializes in AM and FM DX,launched  Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 0000 UTC (8:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time)

"DX Central is the culmination of both what I have learned as a DXer through the past 30 years, as well as helping me to flush out all of the things I still want to learn," says Van Horn. "There are many sites out there for AM and FM DXers, but I have always wished there was a site that taught the art of DX and helped cultivate that skill, as well as provided information on equipment from the perspective of the DXer, airchecks of station IDs and other things that would help flatten the learning curve a bit."

One of the main components of DX Central is the DX 101 section which provides a primer for getting started in DXing, a glossary of DX-related terms, an FAQ and commonly used abbreviations.  It also includes breakout sections specific to AM and FM DXing.

"I wanted this to be a site where someone that didn't even know what DX meant could be provided enough information to get them started.  At the same time, I wanted to make sure there was enough information there for experienced DXers to still find the site useful."

There is also a blog with DX tips and tricks, up-to-date news and information and logs from Van Horn's own DX pursuits from his home in Charleston, South Carolina as well as his travels.

"I try to bring an SDR with a small loop antenna with me when I travel.  My goal is to get as many pristine airchecks as I can from various cities so that other DXers can use that to compare with what they are hearing through their own radios."

There are plans to expand the site with what Van Horn calls "phase II" in the coming months.

"There are some additional sections I am working through that just will not be ready in time for our launch date and the heart of FM DX season.  Those are all being worked up for phase II."

Van Horn began as a DXer at an early age after growing up in a radio family. His father, Larry Van Horn (N5FPW) and mother, Gayle Van Horn (W4GVH) are both widely known in the DX community for their work with Monitoring Times and later, their self-published Kindle books under the banner of their publishing company, Teak Publishing.

After graduating from college, Van Horn spent nearly a decade in the media industry as an on-air personality, news director, assistant program director, public service coordinator, talk show host, sportscaster and advertising executive.

Van Horn later wrote for Monitoring Times as well, penning the monthly GlobalNet column devoted to online streaming of radio and television.  Van Horn used his broadcast experience to bring an insiders' look into the trends and strategies of station's online presence.

After Monitoring Times ceased production, Van Horn took some time out of the spotlight to get back to spending time in front of a radio, catching up on recent advancements in AM and FM DX technology and techniques.

He resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife, Megan and their dog, Ace.  He is an extra class amateur radio operator, trained Skywarnstorm spotter, ARRL VEC examiner, and member of the National Radio Club, International Radio Club of America and Worldwide TV-FM DX Association. When not DXing, he is also a musician with three albums released to-date and performs a solo acoustic show around the Charleston area (additional information is available on his music site:

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