Saturday, May 09, 2020

AIR resumes External Services broadcasts

All India Radio resumed its external services broadcasts to neighboring countries on 8th May;2020, few more will resume today as per below :

0100-0200 UTC Sindhi 7380 kHz (B)
0700-0800 UTC Nepali 9950 kHz (Ki) 11620 kHz (Ki)
0830-1130 UTC Urdu 9950 kHz (Ki)
1145-1315 UTC Chinese 17510 kHz (B)
1215-1330 UTC Tibetan 9575 kHz (B)
1315-1415 UTC Dari 11560 KHz (B)
1415-1530 UTC Pushtu 11560 kHz (B)
1500-1600 UTC Baluchi 9620 kHz (D)

Tamil & Bangla Services had resumed a few days back.

Reception Reports appreciated to    

Please see the current full schedule in

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio)

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