Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Ampegon takes over the MW product line of Transradio Sendersysteme Berlin AG

Berlin, Germany, January 24, 2018. Following the insolvency of TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG in May 2017, many existing Transradio mediumwave transmitter customers have been left uncertain about how to complete existing contracts, and how to continue to operate and maintain their systems.

In the spirit of their previous cooperation agreement with TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG and their customers, the Ampegon Group have made a strategic decision to step back into the mediumwave transmitter market. Ampegon acquired the TRAM and SCIAMP product lines together with the manufacturing site, warehouse and the core engineering team in Berlin in order to assist customers left without support. The company will then continue to produce lower power medium  wave transmitters to maintain the competitive MW market that ultimately benefits broadcasters.

For legal reasons, while the enterprise necessary to accomplish this is being established, the Ampegon Group has formed a daughter company in Germany named AM Broadcast GmbH. This company is being used to establish Ampegon's position in the market as an intermediate step. The company organization is in place and is now supporting mediumwave broadcasters with all the experience that you would expect from one of the world's longest-established players in the field of AM broadcasting.

For example, under this arrangement, existing Transradio Contracts can be reassigned in order to allow the Ampegon Group to complete them with minimum possible disruption. This will prevent contracts of significant value collapsing, leaving everyone disappointed without operational systems, and ensure future support during and beyond warranty period.

Once the legal insolvency formalities are completed, it is intended that TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin GmbH will be transferred into the Ampegon Group. Afterwards, AM Broadcast GmbH will be renamed as an Ampegon branded company.

Since the legal process to achieve these aims takes some time, Ampegon asks affected MW broadcasters for their patience while remaining legal matters are resolved. However, as the organization is in place, we are already supporting their operations from now onwards under the names AM Broadcast and Ampegon.

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