Friday, February 23, 2018

Ian McFarland CD Library Freebie

Ian McFarland - Former CBC Broadcaster and host-writer of Radio Canada International's English Language Service has worked with me over the years to create a small library of wonderful MP3 Podcasts and radio shows - a lot of stuff from the vaults.

We present some of this material here. And it is FREE until February 23rd at 2300 UTC !

An international broadcast consultant, Ian has worked for the CBC in London office, Radio Canada International as well as a 2 year stint with NHK in Tokyo.

Photo Right - Legends of DX! (2 out of 3!) Shawn Axelrod on the left, Ian McFarland in the centre and yours truly (Colin Newell) on the right in Duncan, British Columbia - April 2017

He is also one of the busiest retired people I  know - holding down slots at a local "Food bank" - supporting the disadvantaged - as well as being active on a day care center in the community.

Ian McFarland lives on Vancouver Island with his wife Mary and they are enjoying a fairly busy retirement indeed!

Ian's current online projects include a trio of 2-CD sets (now in MP3 format) of classic Interval Signals, a language recognition course featuring the late Dr. Richard E. Wood... and some "greatest hits" packages from his long and illustrious career with the CBC Foreign Service -

(Colin Newell - Editor and creator of and - VA7WWV   | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada, Feb 22, via Glen Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST , WOR list)

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