Thursday, July 16, 2015

TWR360 Adds 40th Language, Marathi

TWR360 just turned 2 years old, but the Web portal to Christian media content is charging ahead more like a world-class sprinter than a toddler.
The website recently added its 40th language – that's eight times the total available at its launch May 31, 2013. One of the most distinctive features of TWR360 is its ability to detect the language of a visitor's browser and automatically function in that language.
Marathi, spoken in India, was the newest language incorporated into the site. Users from India, as it happens, are among the most active on TWR360. They accounted for the second-highest number of sessions among all the 228 countries and territories that had visitors to the site in May 2015. And there were more than 391,000 total visits that month.
If you haven't explored TWR360 yet, consider trying it out soon. Visitors not only gain access to a wide range of personally enriching messages in text, audio and video formats but also discover a tool for sharing their faith with others.
(Source : TWR Update, July 2015)

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