Saturday, July 04, 2015

NBC (PNG) broadcasts South Pacific Games from former RA transmitters at Townsville, QLD

The collapse of ABC Radio Australia internal capacity to provide specific regional content has seen PNG national broadcaster step up to lease transmission time from Australian contractor Broadcast Australia for the South Pacific Games next month 4 -18 July 2015. The site is Townsville in northern Queensland.
To Papua New Guinea
1000 - 1400 UT  6075 kHz
1900 - 2200 UT  6075 kHz
2200 - 1000 UT  9860 kHz
To Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
0800 - 2000 UT  12025 kHz
Both broadcasts are with a power of 20 kW AM up from 10 kW when the site carried Radio Australia programming.
Via Nigel Holmes
Originally heard by Sei-ichi Hasegawa on 6075, and subsequently by Rob Wagner on 9860.
( Craig via ARDXC mailing list)

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