Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Guyana back on shortwave

3289.975 kHz   Voice of  Guyana  
Heard in amidst of the UTE here, first noted at 0118 UTC. MOR W vclist at 0331 recheck.   Quite readable at 0336, and at 0337 w/Johnny Mathis-like song, and another at 0346-0348. Then "Last Date" by Floyd Cramer, cutoff, and into a diff. song.   0357 started "Last Date" again and deep-voiced M anncr sounding like a Caribbean accent.  0328 "Goodbye to Love" by the Carpenters then W anncr at 0359 (probably the pre-ToH BBC promo, 0400 time ticks and BBC nx //9460.   Came back later when the electricity was out due to an ice storm and found the freq clear of the UTE and W in EG w/rel. pgm at 0804.   Hindi mx at 0815 recheck then tried to air a rel. pgm but the audio was cutting out badly. 0829 deep-voiced M came on w/ID and apologized, then choral NA at 0830.   0831 different M anncr briefly and then what appeared to be the Koran.   Into a Pop mx pgm w/M DJ host.   Fading by 0840. Nice ID at 0848.   Nice to have them back on SW.   (2 Feb.)
Dave Valko, Dunlo, PA, USA
Perseus with Wellbrook ALA1530S and 153 foot triangular Delta Loop
Glenn Hauser via DXLD list :
Voice of Guyana transmitters
20 Kilowatt Medium-wave on 560 K.C.
5 Kilowatt Medium-wave on 560 K.C. (Back-up)
10 Kilowatt Shortwave on 3.290 MHz. Currently only at 1 K.W.

(Jamie Labadia, UT Feb 4, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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