Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Radio Spaceshuttle 14-15th February !

GERMANY: Radio Spaceshuttle International,  Rohrbach on 6070 kHz Saturday 14th February 2015 14-15 UTC.
Programm beinhaltet kurze Hörer Briefkasten, Beste deutsch-schweizerischen-Kuh, Disco, Pop und Rock-Musik aus den 80er und 90er Jahren, Finnland-Musik-Edelsteine in den Jahren, usw.

SWEDEN: Radio Spaceshuttle International, Sale on 6035 kHz and 9865kHz Sunday 15th February 2015 08-10 UTC
Bästa pop, disco, dans, trance och rock musik från 70, 80, och 90-talet. Svensk och finsk musik extra.

Wishing that conditions will be fine and good reception all over Europe is possible!

All correct reports sent (with 2 EUROS/ 3 International reply Coupon) to our address: Radio Spaceshuttle International, P.O.Box 2702, NL-ZG 6049 HERTEN, The Netherlands will be verified with our printed QSL! (+ some promotional material!)

COMPETITION: After six month period(January-June) special big surprises 1,2 and 3 (valuable Spaceshuttle stuff) will be sent to three listeners sent THE MAXIMUM NUMBERs of correct reports [-max one report/transmission counted]. If more than three equal reporters [same amount of reports] then Madame Fortune will have her fingers in came ;)

(Dick Spacewalker)

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