Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DW Trincomalee on noted on 1548 kHz at 1730 UTC

Jose Jacob from NIAR, Hyderabad observed on 8th Jan 2012 medium wave frequency of 1548 kHz was on air at 1730 UTC tune in till 1829 UTC sign off. (ie 11.00 pm to midnight local time in India) with Deutsche Welle ID via Trincomalee, Srilanka playing non stop music & regular announcements in German, English,French, Russian & Arabic...."This is Deutsche Welle, the external broadcasting services of Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn, we are sorry you are unable to receive our regular programs at this moment." 1548 kHz was a popular DW channel from Trincomalle, including DRM . DW has closed down this facility & stopped all broadcasts on 3oth Oct 2011, this transmitting facility was suppose to be handed over to Sri Lankan authorities by Jan 2012, probably handed over & SLBC engineers were testing ?

Here's the audio file as heard in New Delhi on 8th Jan 2012 ...

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