Monday, December 05, 2011

Launch of Radio Chisinau

December 1st, Romania’s National Day, saw the official opening of Radio Chisinau, the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation’s first branch station in the Republic of Moldova, offering high-standard programming to the local people. Radio Chisinau is a quality broadcaster, powered by a team of young professionals. This new station offers insight on cultural life, as well as modern news and entertainment programs. Vlad Turcanu, editor-in-chief with Radio Chisinau, talked about the circumstances in which this station was born.

Vlad Turcanu: “The concept of public institution in the Republic of Moldova failed in the early 2000s, after having gained significant shape in the 90s. We had to limit ourselves to what private stations offered. These had poorly structured programs, without the editorial effort to satisfy the needs of listeners with a rich culture and a thirst for knowledge. I hope that bringing the Romanian public radio network to Chisinau will reconfigure the market and will boost its development.”

Radio Chisinau broadcasts on number of frequencies covering most of Moldova. In Chisinau, the station can be heard on the FM band on 89.6 MHz, as well as online. A series of cultural events were held to celebrate the launch of Radio Chisinau. These included a special concert in the city’s Central Square, with a number of Romanian and Moldovan performers.

This project is part of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation’s strategy to offer programming to listeners in the Republic of Moldova. Radio Romania hopes that expanding the network for Romanian-speaking listeners across the Prut River, on the airwaves or online, will provide a direct, fair, balanced and impartial source of information, while promoting Romanian cultural, artistic and linguistic values.

(Source : Radio Romania International)

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