Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't let Voice of America broadcasts go static

Voice of America (VOA), the jewel in America's public diplomacy effort abroad, is set to be streamlined. Some programs can be downsized. But VOA is in the national interest, especially as Russia, China, and Iran expand state-supported media. Cuts should be handled with care.

By John Hughes / December 12, 2011

Read the CSM story here :

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  1. Mike S1:15 AM

    There are BBC broadcasts to these troubled areas, which are better quality news broadcasts than the VOA's anyway.

    The CSM should be the ones to talk. They used to be a very welcome presence in the international broadcast bands, but they yanked all of THEIR broadcasts as well. It's too bad too, their news service was pretty top notch and was for the most part quite impartial.