Saturday, September 03, 2011

Special broadcast from DX Program "ANTENA DX" through shortwave & FM

During the month of August I was presenting the dx program called "Antena DX", which is originally produced by my collegue Víctor Gutierrez from studios of the Panamenian FM radio station "La Chispa Estereo 87.9 FM", in Tortí, and which is rebroadcast through Radio Thruth in Guatemala, as well as available on the web page "Programas DX" on Víctor asked me to produce it during the month of August and I wanted to do it. It has been a pleasure to me to produce a radio program for the first time. I have been shortwave listener since many years and I have contributed as DX correspondent for HCJB Equador and currently I produce a short-five-minutes radio program together with the International Dxers Friendship Club, CDXA Internacional. This short program is about history of radio.
I think everytime I listen radio or I produce something for radio I learn new things. Producing "Antena DX" has been a beautiful experience as well. And of course, it was a good desition I make to acept the invitation from Víctor to produce his radio program for this time. Thank you as well for the contributors of the program around the world and I also thank to the listeners.
Next Sunday the 04th will be my last appearence as presenter of the program. So, for this reason I want to send you a special QSL card as a souvenir because of the time I have been in front of the mic recording this.To receive this QSL card the rules are very simple: what you just have to do is tuning the program on La Chista Estereo 87.9 FM, if you live in Panama or through Radio Thruth on 4055 Khz. As you know or maybe you may not know, Radio Thruth broadcasts from the Central American Republic of Guatemala.
There will be two broadcasts from WRMI Radio Miami International on 9955 Khz. As you can see, there are many chances to tune the program and to receive this special QSL card as a souvenir to conmemorate the last Antena DX edtion from Venezuela.
It's very important you to know that there will be not e-QSL cards. Reports might correspond for shortwave or FM broadcasts only. Please don't send us reception reports through Internet. To send your reports, please endorse your envelopes by writing the postal address indicated below. If you want to send us International Repply Cupons, IRC, or any contribution into American dollars it will be very appreciate in the way to cover shipping costs. If you also want to send us cassette recordings or MP3 CD recordings about the reception of our broadcast in your local area we will be very happy to receive those.
To send your letters and reception reports you can write to the following postal address:
Antena DX
c/o Leonardo Santiago
Las Agujas, Pueblo Llano
Estado Mérida
C.P. 5124
The QSL cards will be sending from the month of October when I return from my vacation to keep my classes in the University of The Andes.
Thanks for your atention and best 73s!!
Leonardo Santiago

. On La Chispa Estereo 87.9 FM, next Sunday the 11th at 08.15am and 07.25pm local time.
. Via Radio Thruth the program will be broadcast next Saturday the 10th at 02.00 UTC on 4055 Khz. This station broadcast from Guatemala and it is very well reported from Europe as well as from both Japan and Indonesia.
. Via WRMI Radio Miami International the program will be broadcast on 9955 Khz. On Monday the 06th at 11.30 UTC and on Friday the 08th at 03.00 UTC.
We wish you good reception and we hope to receive reception reports from many countries!!

(Via playdx2003 list)

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