Sunday, January 23, 2011

Radio hams' help 'invaluable'

NASA asked for help from the Amateur Radio community in tracking NanoSail-D on 437.270MHz - their response has been described as 'invaluable'.

The NanoSail-D satellite ejected from FASTSAT last week and deployed its sail late Thursday. The unfurling marks the first time a NASA craft has ever opened a solar sail in low-Earth orbit, according to agency officials.

Dean Alhorn, NanoSail-D principal investigator said:
"To get to this point is an incredible accomplishment for our small team and I can't thank the amateur ham operator community enough for their help in tracking NanoSail-D,"

"Their assistance was invaluable. In particular, the Marshall Amateur Radio Club was the very first to hear the radio beacon. It was exciting!"

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  1. NASA? Wow! It must have a great feeling to have someone like them asking for assistance! Keep it up guys! You're doing a great job!