Thursday, October 21, 2010

BBC Bangla still announces the wrong GMT !

Almost a month after Swopan Chakraborty alerted the BBC authorities about wrong time announcement BBC Bangla continues to announce the wrong GMT. At 0030 UTC on 20/10/2010 this faulty announcement gave out the the time as "6.30 am in Bangladesh, 5 am in India and 11.30 pm GMT". In an attempt to cover up, the live broadcast which followed gave out the correct Indian local time as " 6.30 am in Bangladesh and 6 am in India". GMT was not corrected. So here was a funny situation where BBC Bangla gave out two different Indian local time announcement within a gap of few seconds and each differeing by 1 hour !

This mix up happened because Bangladesh Government scrapped the Daylight Savings time in March this year. The faulty BBC Bangla time announcement is based on the the earstwhile Banglaesh daylight savings time and lingering in a relay transmitter recording.Earlier BBC Bangla website is on record to have carried backdated and incorrect frequency information for well over 18 months inspite of reminders.

So much for information mess in the digital world of podcasting, mobile feed and DTH where the BBC continues to announce the wrong GMT days after days.

(Dr.Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata via Bangladx list)

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