Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KBS to Host the General Assembly of ABU in 2012

The 47th General Assembly of ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) held in Tokyo 19th and 20th of October approved that KBS will be the host of the General Assembly of ABU in 2012. It will be fifteen years after KBS hosted the same event in Seoul in 1997 that KBS plays such a significant role of providing a forum of discussing issues close to Asian broadcasters and of celebrating diversities of the region.

Head of KBS delegation to the 47th General Assembly, Mr. Cho Dae-hyun, Executive Vice President of KBS, said that the 49th Assembly would be an opportunity for member broadcasters to experience and discuss effects of the rapidly changing broadcasting environment.

The 47th ABU General Assembly also re-elected KBS as a member of the Administrative Council for fourth consecutive term. The Administrative Council is a decision making body of ABU, which has more than 200 member broadcasters in about 60 countries. The Tokyo Assembly was hosted by NHK.
(Source : KBS)

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