Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Latest Pacific Asian Radio Guide

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

Latest Pacific Asian Log Radio Guide Now Available

The Radio Heritage Foundation has just released at its website www.radioheritage.net the latest version of the PAL Pacific Asian Log Radio Guide covering all AM [mediumwave] radio stations across the region.

Used by radio listeners, broadcasters and the general public, the guide lists all known AM radio stations operating in the area with detailed information about operating times, languages, location, and much more...in fact more than 50,000 separately updated data entries across thousands of individual stations.

With riots in Thailand, earthquakes in Indonesia and Taiwan, tsunamis across the Pacific, civil unrest and censored local radio media, the information in the latest Pacific Asian Log Radio Guide is also very useful for travellers, travel agents and others who need to keep their clients informed.

Search the latest edition now at www.radioheritage.net - simply click on 'PAL AM Radio' in the Radio Guides factbox on any page. You can also search for shortwave stations in the region [PAL SW Radio], Australian narrowcast AM radio [Australia 1611-1701 AM], New Zealand Low Power FM Radio Guide [NZLPFM Radio] and the Borderless Radio Rankings [What is Borderless Radio].

These services are provided free to the community by the Radio Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific.

Donations are welcome to support this service and annual supporter packages begin at US$10 with full details at www.radioheritage.net

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