Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dxers Unlimited's HF plus low band propagation update

And now amigos, as always at the end of the program here is Arnie Coro's Dxers Unlimited's HF plus low band propagation update and forecast.

It's in the public domain so it can be reproduced freely to help fellow short wave listeners and amateur radio operators to enjoy our hobby !!! Solar activity is expected to be very low for the next two UTC days (7 and 8 April). There is, however a chance for an isolated C-class event from Solar active sunspot Region 1061. It is also expected that yet another increase to unsettled levels with a chance for active periods is expected will happen on the 7th of April due to the onset of a high speed stream of particles flowing from a favorably positioned coronal hole.

Activity levels are expected to decline to mostly unsettled levels by Thursday April 8 UTC day.... Don't forget that abnormal propagation conditions sometimes bring in unsual stations that you will not be able to pick under normal conditions !!!

Amigos, don't forget to set aside a little time and tell me your impressions about this program , send your radio hobby related questions and any ideas you may have on how to improve it !!! Send mail to inforhc at enet dot cu or VIA AIR MAIL to Arnie Coro, Radio Havana Cuba, Havana , Cuba.

Read the full version of Dxers Unlimited's mid week edition for 6-7 April 2010 here :

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