Sunday, May 29, 2005

Radio Japan Special DX Program

Commemorating Radio Japan's 70th anniversary on June 1st, the June's first weekend show of Radio Japan's "Helllo from Tokyo" will dedicate its entire program to DX items. ON 4/5/6th of June, the following personnel will be on the show.
Ms. Yukiko Tsuji, member of JSWC, Japan Short Wave Club. (Familiar voice of JSWC DX programs.)
Mr. Anker Petersen, Chairman of Danish Short Wave Club International, Denmark. Mr. G. Victor A. Goonetilleke, President of the Radio Society of Sri Lanka.
Mr. Bob Padula, Administrator, EDXP, Electronic DX Press Monitor Association, Australia. Mr. Richard D'Angelo, Executive Director, NASWA, North American Short Wave Association, USA.
All will talk on their radio lives and memories of Radio Japan with Jonathan Sherr and Ms. Hisako Tomisawa, Hello from Tokyo's regular host and hostess joined by Toshi Ohtake of JSWC.
Time and frequencies are: Hello from Tokyo (Time in UTC) ( ) after frequency is the relay site.
Beaming to Europe/Africa Asia/Pacific Americas
Saturday 0510-0600 5975 & 7230kHz(UK) 17810/15195/21755kHz 6110kHz(Canada) 1010-1100 17585 & 17720Hz(UAE) 9696/11730/21755kHz 6120kHz(Canada)
1710-1800 11970/15355kHz(GAB) 9535kHz Sunday
0010-0100 6145kHz(Canada)
0310-0400 21610kHz
1110-1200 9696/11730kHz 6120kHz(Canada)
1510-1600 6190/7200/11730kHz 9505kHz
Monday 0110-0200 5960(UK)/17560kHz 17810/11860(SIG)/17845/15325kHz

1. RADIO JAPAN, NHK TOKYO 150-8001 JAPAN (No IRC) 2. JSWC, P.O.Box 29, Sendai
Central 980-8691, Japan. (With 1 IRC)

You may request any one of the following JSWC QSL's. 5th Anniversary card (printed in 1957), 50th anniversary card (2002), or 2005 Rooster card. 3. EDXP Australia will issue QSL for the segment of Mr. Bob Padula's appearance during the show. POSTAL MAILED REPORTS, will be acknowledged with full data colored cards showing Australian scenes and wildlife, and should be sent to:Radio EDXP, 404 Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia. Return postage is necessary, Australia: $1.50 in Australian stamps, Elsewhere: 1 IRC or US$1.E-MAILED REPORTS, will be acknowledged with full-data, full-color E-QSLs, and return postage is not required. They may be collected at a special Website.
An on-line reception Report template is available at Alternatively, reports may be sent directly to edxp@engradio.orgI hope you enjoy this unique DX program and send your reception report. PS. For your information, the following weekend on June 11/12/13, Mr. Vashek Korinek, DXer of South Africa will be on the phone out show of Hello from Tokyo, Radio Japan. Toshimichi Ohtake,International Coordinator, JSWC.


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