Saturday, May 28, 2005

Community radio: A strong development tool in rural Uttaranchal

27 May, 2005Although a full-fledged community radio movement has still to become areality in India, villagers in various rural pockets all over the countryare using the airwaves to put up their voice about various issues.Uttaranchal Community Radio is currently performing as an importantdevelopment tool for creating awareness, spreading information andfacilitating communication, despite the absence of policy support andgovernment aid. It is a radio service for geographically bound communitiesin areas with poor infrastructure where people do not have access to themainstream national and regional media. The service, which is run andmanaged by local people addressing issues relating to the community in thelocal language, was introduced in Uttaranchal by the Himalaya Trust, a DehraDun-based civil society organisation, with support from UNESCO, in September2001. Since, May 2004, five community radio groups -- four in Garhwal in theWestern part of the state, and one in Kumaon in the East -- have beenengaged in a research initiative looking at grassroots media and poverty.Pradeep Community Radio, Raibar Community Radio and Hewalvani CommunityRadio are some of the groups working actively in the region.
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