Sunday, May 29, 2005

Deutsche Welle: Now on FM radio in the greater Kabul area

Deutsche Welle is expanding the quality of its presence in Afghanistan:DW-RADIO's services can now be received on FM in the national languages ofDari and Pashto in addition to Farsi, Urdu, English and German in thegreater Kabul area.Two powerful transmitters have been put into operation on almost 2,000 meterhigh Mount Asmai in the Afghan capital city on the basis of a cooperationagreement concluded between Deutsche Welle and Radio Television Afghanistan(RTA) in late 2004. RTA is broadcasting its service from one of the two newtransmitters as well.In close cooperation with Afghan authorities, the German embassy in Kabuland the German Society for Technical Cooperation (Gesellschaft f├╝rtechnische Zusammenarbeit: GTZ) and with funding from the German ForeignOffice in Berlin, Germany's international broadcaster was able to plan andimplement the transmitters very rapidly."Dialogue with the Islamic world is a serious concern for us and ourpartnership with RTA is a major contribution," stressed DW Director-General,Erik Bettermann.DW-RADIO programmes can now be heard by about three million listeners aroundthe clock in a catchment area of roughly 30 kilometres around Kabul on theFM frequency 90.5 MHz.RTA broadcasts its programming on FM frequency 91.5 MHz.Deutsche Welle has been a familiar presence in Afghanistan for more than 30years. In addition to DW-RADIO (which also continues to be broadcast onshortwave) and the internet service DW-WORLD.DE, Germany's internationaltelevision service, DW-TV, can be watched as well: a regional windowdistributed via satellite offers daily news and documentaries in theregional languages Dari and Pashto.

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