Monday, April 27, 2020

AIR Special broadcasts for Ramadan

Like every year, the special transmissions for Ramadan has started from AIR stations in Jammu and Kashmir as follows:

Timings (variable) : 2145/2205 to 2305 UTC (0335-0435 IST)

Frequencies :
1116 kHz 300 kW  Srinagar
1350 kHz 20 kW Kupwara
4950 kHz 50 kW Srinagar
103.5 MHz 10 kW Srinagar

This  transmission is for about 1 hour and sign on and sign off timings vary.   These special programs will continue for a month, till Ramzan day ie around 23 May 2020. The 1 hour program consists of prayers, songs and advertisments. In the previous years sign on timings varied as the days went on.

(Via Jose Jacob, NIAR, Hyderabad)

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