Friday, November 15, 2019

BBC changes due to maintaniance of 250 kW txer at BBC Kranji site

Due to tecnical modification of 250 kW txer at BBC Kranji site, following changes will take effect with effect from 18th November, 2019 :

100 kW backup transmitter will be used for below mentioned transmissions  :

1100-1200 UTC 11945 kHz smtwtfs 330 deg English 49W
1330-1400 UTC 11995 kHz smtwtfs 340 deg Burmese 49NW 
1500-1700 UTC 7485  kHz smtwtfs  315 deg English 30S,39NE,40 

BBC DRM english transmission will be from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka wef 18th Nov 2019, Monday, time and frequency remains same.

0800-0900 UTC on 15620 kHz (Via Trincomalee, ex via Kranji)    

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