Tuesday, December 13, 2016

All India Radio Chennai Update

AIR Chennai update:

My monitoring observation regarding AIR Chennai after cyclone Vardha hit the city yesterday :

10 kW SW Transmitter:

7380 kHz off air from around 0830 of 12 Dec 2016 & missing today 13 Dec 16 morning broadcast.
4920 kHz on air evening of 12th Dec 2016 and morning of today 13 Dec 16

100 kW SW transmitter:

7270 kHz Off Air from scheduled broadcast from 1000 on 12 Dec 16.


AIR Chennai frequencies on SW of 7380 (10 kW) & 7270 (100 kW) off air from afternoon of 12th Dec 16 (as their 2 towers have fallen down)

4920 (10 kW) Morning & Evening/Night frequency of 10 kW tx is on air as usual.

AIR Chennai FM frequencies on as usual.

AIR Chennai MW channels 720, 1017 kHz heard but with weaker signals than usual.

AIR Chennai 783 kHz DRM not heard

(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio,Hyderabad, India)

Update 14th Dec, 2016 :

AIR Chennai back on 7380 kHz today after being off air for a couple of days due to cyclone.

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