Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DRM part of the Ascension Island 50th Anniversary – DRM for Africa and now for BRAZIL too !

Special DRM transmission for Africa and Brazil from Ascension Island on its 50th anniversary – Sunday 28th August 2016

DRM will be part of a big anniversary on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. On 28th of August at 1155 GMT. Babcock International will ensure a special BBC digital transmission from the BBC Atlantic Relay station, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the BBC's first short-wave radio broadcast from Ascension Island.

The first 2-hour transmission will be the regular BBC programmes for West and South Africa and will end at 1400.From 1400-1430 another DRM transmission ( BBC English) will be aimed at South America/Brazil !

This special transmission  will be sent with greetings from Ascension Island's BBC and Babcock International staff and visitors, who will be celebrating half a century  of sterling broadcasting on August 28th.

To confirm details of Sunday's DRM transmission from Ascension, as follows:

FREQ (kHz) TIME (UTC)  SERVICE  TX   kW    Bearing Day      LANG              TARGET

21715 1155-1201 BBC DRM  ASC  250  114   1  English SOUTH AFRICA (Special Announcement)
21715  1201-1400 BBC DRM  ASC  250   114  1  English    SOUTH AFRICA   (English)
21715  1400-1430 BBC DRM  ASC  250     250   1 English  BRAZIL (English)

(Ruxandra Obreja, Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium Chair)

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